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Sign to promote a New deal for Europe. This is not just another online petition, but a formal bottom-up democracy excercise.

Your signature is valuable and is protected by a strict privacy protocol: it will never be communicated publicly. Instead, it will turn into a EU directive with concrete potential to promote a European special plan for sustainable development and employment.

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Collect signatures on paper

Download our paper collection forms  in the page of documents.

Print out the signature forms and get all your contacts to sign on paper (please note: people may only sign once, either on paper or online).

Organise a signing party where you get all your guests to sign.

Attend events and collect signatures there.

Signed forms can be sent to the addresses (at the end of March) mentioned next to the country name.







Czech Republic



Tell a friend

Share our battle with your friends, family and group or association.
Invite those who care about this issue to join us simply by leaving a signature.
Together we can make the difference. Write to the organizers at info(at)newdeal4europe(dot)eu

Take the badge

Take us with you on your social networks. An original graphics activation will be displayed on your profile bringing a breath of fresh air. It speaks of your commitment.
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Put a banner on your website

Do you run a website or write a blog?  Set a link to our website and the signature gathering: and recommend your visitors to sign. Put a banner on your website or blog

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Distribute our postcards

Send our postcards with declaration of supports to our initiative to your friends and share them on your social profiles.

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Make a presentation in your local group

Download our ECI presentation and show it in your local group.

See the document page.

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Contact the mayor of your city

Write to the mayor of your city and ask him to join the network of European cities supporting the ECI New Deal 4 Europe.

Send him the appeal 'The Mayors of Europe for a "New Deal for Europe"'. For further information about the cities' network you can write the organizers at info(at)newdeal4europe(dot)eu

Become a campaign blogger

Are you a blogger? We would be delighted if you wrote about our initiative. Your post will become one of our guest-post in the news section and you will be read throughout Europe. Write to the organizers at info(at)newdeal4europe(dot)eu


Support our campaign! Also a little contribute can help us to organize better and to spread the initiative in order to reach 1 million signatures. See the module to the right column.

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