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A New Deal for Europe

We European citizens,

considering that

- European unification has ensured peace for half a century, unprecedented levels of prosperity, consolidation of democracy and has represented a model for the whole planet;

- however, owing to the global financial and economic crisis, people's disaffection towards the European project has grown;

- the gap between citizens and EU institutions depends mainly on the austerity policies without development, without democratic consent and without equity and on the inability of the EU to speak with one voice in the world and to face the dramatic domestic and international security problems;

- the restart of the construction of the European unity needs that consent towards the European project be regained;


- the President of the European Commission Juncker, to contribute to bridge the gap between citizens and EU institutions has asserted the need to give priority to growth, competitiveness and job creation;

- in an economically integrated Europe with a single currency, national plans are totally inadequate to promote development;

- the EU budget, whose amount has been lowered below the threshold of 1% of the European GDP, does not ensure the massive mobilisation of resources which is necessary to stimulate economic development and decent and quality employment;

- the 315 billion investment plan over three years proposed by the European Commission can represent an initial answer to the requirements of the campaign "New Deal for Europe" developed in 2014-2015 with a European Citizens' Initiative;

- despite the initial signs of recovery after the financial and economic crisis, in 2015 in the EU there are 24 million unemployed, the unemployment rate is 10% and youth unemployment is 21%, while reaching 50% in some member state;

- the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) started by the European Commission needs new own resources to promote a New Deal for Europe through the production of European public goods necessary to reach the goal of full employment;

- owing to the opposition of a few member states to increase the EU budget own resources, only the Eurozone countries seem willing to endow themselves with an autonomous fiscal capacity and a budget financed by new own resources;


- the extraordinary opportunity represented by the Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) – promoted by eleven member states of the Eurozone to increase the EFSI with new public resources to be utilized for investments to the benefit of the cooperating states –, which would oblige those who are responsible of the financial and economic crisis to contribute to repair the damages they have caused and to start a socially and ecologically sustainable development;

- that a tax on the carbon dioxide emissions (CT), to be established through enhanced cooperation can represent an additional resource for the member states of the Eurozone, contribute to discourage the use of fossil fuels and to promote renewable energies, which are essential to ensure the continuation of life on the planet within the framework of a just ecological transition;

- that the emission of euro project-bonds can be used to finance investments in European public goods;

We European citizens call upon the European Parliament

- to put forward a proposal for the revision of the multiannual financial framework, expected in 2016, asking to increase the EFSI's endowment with additional resources flowing from the above-mentioned taxes and the emission of euro project-bonds and new EIB bonds which the ECB can purchase within the framework of quantitative easing;

- to assign those resources to the EFSI and to destine them to the cooperating states;

- to submit this proposal to the approval of an assembly composed by the European Parliament and National Parliaments (Interparliamentary Assises) of interested countries, in order to associate member states in the decisions regarding the distribution of fiscal revenue.

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