Open letter to the Members of the European Parliament

Open letter to the Members of the European Parliament

Brussels, 20 August 2014


To the Members of the European Parliament,


There is no doubt that the European Elections held in May 2014 have represented a watershed for the European Parliament/European Council relations because of the decision of the main European political parties to propose their own candidates for the European Commission Presidency.

Having appointed Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Council has de facto acknowledged the primary role of the European Parliament when it comes to choosing the European Commission President.

This change will have profound consequences for the future of the European Union.  Being not only a vital step towards a proper European democracy, this change will also contribute to a deeper involvement of the European Parliament in the future decision-making process at EU level in the economic areas.

As a matter of fact, such a European Parliament will be able to ask the European Commission a “Plan for Sustainable Development and Employment”, that we consider necessary for Europe to recover from the current crisis.

A Plan consisting of European investments for research in the fields of science and technology, for renewable resources and protection of the environment and of the European territory, for infrastructures and energy, for the creation of new decent jobs for the youngest generation.

This proposal has not only political roots (as it has been expressed during the opening speech of the Italian Presidency of the European Union and likewise by the French government and other European leaders), but it manifests at the same time the will of the European civil society.

A European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) has been launched in March 2014 in order to achieve this vital new plan for a European reconstruction and to ask the upcoming European Commission, after having gathered a million signatures of citizens from at least seven European Union member states, a “European Special Plan for Sustainable Development and Employment” financed with additional own resources, such as the Financial Transaction Tax and the Carbon tax, also evoked by Mr. Juncker in his first speech at the Parliament (“I will work for the adoption at EU level of a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base and a Financial Transaction Tax”).

This is a proper New Deal for Europe having the potential to make European industries competitive again, to reduce the energy dependency of our continent of resources coming from outside Europe (a new European Energy Union to pool our resources), to create European centers of excellence for research and innovation, to protect our immense and unique cultural heritage and to create a fund for youth employment.

Dozens of civil society associations are currently involved across Europe with the purpose of gathering the one million signatures needed before the 7th of March 2015.

We firmly believe that the role of the newly elected members of the European Parliament can be decisive in order to guarantee the success of this European Citizens’ Initiative, helping it to reach even a better result than the minimum requirement.

A successful New deal for Europe would also represent a success for the European Parliament that could thus :

a)     stimulate the action of the European Commission delineating the guidelines of this European Plan and its contents (quantity and quality of the needed resources and their distribution), thus anticipating any other decision in the European political economy field, monopoly of national governments until now;

b)     create a European debate on the topic of this European Plan, involving public opinion and fostering democracy at the European level.

The European Parliament would thus become the beating heart of European politics, reducing the disaffection between European citizens and the European institutions and overcoming the pervasive Euroscepticism. This would, lastly, make further European institutional reforms more viable and likely to be successful.

We thank you for your attention and ask you to kindly consider the actions that we are proposing in our attachment in order to sustain the New deal for Europe campaign.

We confirm our availability for any further information or clarification.


With all our esteem.


The European Committee of the European Citizens’ Initiative New Deal 4 Europe.



Attachment 1



The European Committee of the New deal for Europe invites you to apply the following actions that support our campaign :

1)     If not already done so, sign the initiative directly on the website of the Campaign (

2)     Use your communication tools (newsletter, blog or website) to communicate to your electorate to support the New Deal 4 Europe, that you had signed and invite them to do the same

3)     Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get in touch with the Committee ICE in your town (or constituency)

4)     Participate in the creation, within the European Parliament, of the “networking group” New Deal 4 Europe: there are already 41 MPs (belonging to different countries and to different parties) who have engaged to support our Initiative during the electoral campaign: join them!

5)     Promote a new Committee ICE New Deal 4 Europe if not present in your city

6)     Organize, in conjunction with the ICE committees, public events in support of the Campaign (petitions, conferences, etc.).

7)     Take action on the media to publicize the Campaign

8)     Promote New Deal 4 Europe within your own party, requesting a ruling in favor of the campaign by the central organs.

The material of the Campaign on our site (in the 'Documents' area) is available in order to have further information on the Development Plan and Initiative.



They are indicated on the website of the Campaign ( :

-         Composition of the European Committee

-         Composition of the national Committees

-         Contacts of the central structure of the New Deal 4 Europe ECI

For information and contacts in general, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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