Letter to the Members of the European Parliament supporting New Deal for Europe Citizens’ Initiative Brussels, 20th September 2014

Letter to the Members of the European Parliament supporting New Deal for Europe Citizens’ Initiative


Brussels, 20th September 2014


One month ago we sent an open letter to all Members of the European Parliament by which we were asking a support to our European Citizens Initiative (E.C.I.) New Deal 4 Europe and some MEPs replied positively.

The present letter is sent only to the MEPs who already expressed their support during the European elections’ Campaign, with the purpose to agree a common and concrete action in favour of New Deal 4 Europe inside and outside the Parliament.

The Juncker Commission will start to operate on the next November and the Citizens and the European Parliament, are waiting to get more details about the announced Plan of investments by € 300 billion over three years.

We do believe that the awareness of the urgency of a European Plan to overcome the economic recession and the risk of a persistent deflation has greatly grown in the last months, also thanks to our E.C.I.

It is a fact, indeed, that several political leaders, opinion makers and others have expressed in the last months their open support to New Deal 4 Europe. Particularly, Mr. Juncker, in his first speech as E.C. President, announced a Plan of investments by € 300 billion and we are very happy for that.

But the Juncker Plan is quite different from that referred by New deal 4 Europe. In the document herein enclosed (in French language - annex nr. 1) we present shortly the main guidelines (known at the present time) of the first, highlighting the differences compared to the second.

In our opinion the Parliament should claim a more advanced Plan, in line with what Europeans expect.

Briefly, today the point is that Europe does not need an ordinary Plan financed by the funds arising from the existing budget, but it needs an extraordinary Plan financed by additional ‘own resources’.

The Parliament has certainly the political strength to demand the implementation of such a Plan. For the first time the President of the European Commission is no more the result of the compromise between the national governments, but the consequence of the European elections, then confirmed by an explicit political agreement born inside the Parliament among the most important groups.

The political consequences are evident: if the Parliament had the strength to choose the President of the Commission, it is clear that it has also the strenght to ask this President an extraordinary Plan for a sustainable Development and Employment. Especially if one million of European Citizens will sign the E.C.I. New Deal 4 Europe. It follows that the joint action between the European Citizens and the Parliament will be decisive to reach the goal of a European Special Plan.

Therefore, we invite the MEPs who, like the recipients of this letter, subscribed the pledge to support our Initiative, to go forward towards the constitution of a “networking group New Deal 4 Europe" inside the Parliament. Thanks to this informal Group it will be possible, in our opinion:

- to spread the political action in favour of a European Special Plan, by influencing the other colleagues of its own Group and supporting the initiatives of the national Committees in its own Country (please see attachment nr.2)

- to influence the final draft of the Juncker Plan, integrating it with the “own resources” to fund the Special Plan.

Last, but not least, we believe that the setting up of a European Special Plan will be important not only for the consequences that will follow on the economic and social domains, but also on the political one, if we consider that:

- thanks to the New Deal 4 Europe’s Plan the EU will have a clear face and a voice in the World, because Europe will begin to be perceived as independent of the individual States. It means that the European identity as such will be finally on the path of its affirmation and Europe will begin to define its role in a globalized World;

- the Special Plan will enhance and strengthen the Foreign and Security policies of the Union, with positive consequences on the crisis in Ukraine and Middle-East.

We hope that our proposal can meet your political engagement to build a Europe able to act.


With our best Regards

The European Committee of the European Citizens’ Initiative New Deal 4 Europe


For general information and a direct contact, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Attachment 1 – The guidelines of the Juncker Plan of investments and of the New Deal 4 Europe Plan

Attachment 2 - Actions to support New Deal 4 Europe


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