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To the promoters and supporters of the ND4E Initiative

Civil Society Organizations
Federalist Movements
Trade Unions
Local Bodies, signatories of the Appeal “The European Mayors for the ND4E”
Personalities, signatories of the Manifesto “For a European Special Plan for Sustainable Development and Employment”
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European citizens

                                                              18 February, 2015

Dear all,

the proposals we submitted to the European institutions with our European Citizens Initiative (ECI) New Deal 4 Europe For a European Special Plan for Sustainable Development and Employment have now been acknowledged, although partially, by the Juncker Plan. We had pointed out that the Plan, for its implementation, had to be financed through European own budgetary resources (in the first place, an additional budget for the euro-zone) coming from European taxation (taxes on financial transactions and CO2 emissions) and from a European loan in European project-bonds.


We underlined that investments for at least € 400 billions were necessary for financing sectors like research and innovation, a European fund for training and employment of the young, renewable energies, and material and immaterial infrastructural networks.

Moreover, it is evident that the European Union must urgently sort out today the problems of its security and defense, and of a European civilian service.

We must observe that the Junker Plan, which represents in any case the most significant outcome of the European elections, is only a partial answer to the problems the citizens have raised with the ND4E.

It creates a fund for strategic investments aimed at financing public works, renewable energies, transports. A 21 billion euros fund coming from already existing funds, from contributions of member states and from an EIB loan that should in the first place attract private capitals. However, all this, although important, is not sufficient to answer the present serious social and environmental emergencies, and thus to regain the consensus of the European citizens.

Additional investments are needed in sectors which, although they cannot provide a short-term financial return, like basic research, education and training aimed at the creation of new jobs in strategic sectors, a civilian service, a common defense, etc., require nonetheless more investments, not considered in the Juncker Plan, and are strategic for relaunching the European economy.

Consequently, we believe that our action should continue with other means beyond the ECI's natural expiring date, and that in order to take such a decision it is necessary to bring together the promoters and supporters of the ND4E and spell out our proposals on the objectives still not achieved and considered strategic by us.

Rome, 25 October 2014. 400 signatures collected. In particular, the possibility will be examined to present a petition to the European Parliament. A petition promoted by such a significant number of associations, personalities, Mayors, Trade Unions, federalist movements would have good chances of success, even more so if the Members of the European Parliament who joined the European Citizens Initiative will be involved.

The petition's points should be those not yet achieved during the ND4E campaign, namely:

The availability of European own budgetary resources essential for coping with the crisis and the challenges of globalization, and for giving Europe the chance to act.

Own resources coming from a portion of the financial transaction tax (adopted by 11 countries which have formed an enhanced cooperation), and in future of the CO2 emission tax, that can take advantage today from the decrease of the cost of oil, and /or from other public sources.

In the light of the above facts, the European Committee proposes to convene during the coming spring a first meeting of the ECI promoters and supporters, in order to decide with what means the ND4E shall continue. It is proposed that the meeting be held in Brussels at the European Parliament, in order to let the MEPs who gave their support to the ECI participate in the decisions to be taken.


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