Appeal: the mayors of Europe for a "New Deal for Europe"

The social and economic life of our cities is deeply dependent on the choices decided at the  European level in the field of monetary and budgetary policies.

The redressing policies, although necessary, have proved inadequate to put a mechanism capable of relaunching economic growth and employment back in motion.

Local bodies, with less financial resources made available to them, have difficulties in providing public services to their citizens. This affects the levels of social protection and cohesion in our cities, those of education and training of the new generations, and those of the protection of the environment and the territory. The local policies too aimed at furthering the development of small and medium sized businesses, and of handicraft and trade are affected.

It is necessary that at the European level, at which an effective economic policy could be carried out, a “European Development Plan” be initiated, aimed at overcoming the recessive phase which is choking the European economy.

Only at the continental level can efficient and large-scale productive investments be made in the strategic sectors which Europe's future depends on (research and development, alternative energies and environmental protection, great infrastructures of material and immaterial networks, etc.), so as to make it competitive in the world.

Only a “European Plan” aimed at putting in motion those investments can transmit to the economic and political actors the indication of the goals and which direction to take to pursue them.

Only a “European Plan” fueled by the Union's own resources can be seen as credible in the eyes of investors.

A strong initiative is required in that direction: the European Citizens Initiative for a “European Special Plan for Sustainable Development and Employment”, aiming at collecting one million signatures in at least seven EU countries, places itself in precisely that perspective.

Promoted by the European Federalist Movement and by dozens of civil society organizations in many European countries, it is also supported by the National Association of Italian Cities.

We, the Mayors of Europe,