Be active for a European new deal - it's time for a grassroot action on social media

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Dear 'New Deal 4 Europe' promoters, supporters and campaigners,
the fate of the new European Commission led by Jean-Claude Juncker will be decided on Wednesday 22 October when MEPs will be asked to either approve or reject it. 
Tomorrow is a good moment to ask our MEPs to raise attention about our demands to the next European Commission. 



It's time for a grassroot action on social media! 
Here you have 5 message addressed to MEPs you can share on Twitter to raise visibility of NewDeal4Europe citizens' initiative demands to the next European Commission through our MEPs.
Pick your favourite, copy and paste it to your Twitter account. 
You can also come up with your related demands, just don't forget to add #NewDeal4Europe to your tweet!
Don't forget to send the messages on different social media channels. To multiply your messages, you can adapt the below displayed messages to posts on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn! 
Let's give New Deal 4 Europe citizens' initiative proposals as much visibility as possible! 
Let's create a new momentum for our campaign !
List of Twitter messages:
- message 1:
.@MEP-twitter-account Ask @JunckerEU & @jyrkikatainen a #NewDeal4Europe with #FTT & #carbontax > Sign ECI  
- message 2:
.@MEP-twitter-account Ask @JunckerEU & @jyrkikatainen European investments financed by EU own resources > Sign ECI
- message 3:
.@MEP-twitter-account Ask @JunckerEU & @jyrkikatainen a true European plan, not a sum of national measures > Sign ECI   
- message 4:
.@MEP-twitter-account Ask @JunckerEU & @jyrkikatainen #FTT for a European Plan, not for national budgets > Sign ECI     
- message 5:
.@MEP-twitter-account Ask @JunckerEU & @jyrkikatainen to invest for jobs and sustainable development > Sign ECI
Replace @MEP-twitter-account with your MEP's account choosen by this list: