The significance of the “European Citizens’ Initiative” for a European Special Plan for Sustainable development and Employment

Five years after the longest and deepest financial and economic crisis that the Europe has faced since the end of the II World War it is more and more evident that the existing European governance has not yet set up an effective European economic policy to overcome the crisis.

The current EU is on its way to a political and economic decline and that is causing an incredible impact on the social cohesion,
moral crisis and identity of Europe. The huge growth of youth unemployment and the loss of competitiveness of European industry are the obvious signs of a deep crisis. And the explosion of the anti-Europeanism and populist movements represent the symptom of this decline.

The Eurozone's national governments are mainly responsible for this failure. To date, they have not been able to build a federal government, a real shield against the international crisis. On the contrary, they preferred to maintain a fictitious sovereignty on the economic policy which prevents Europe on having an adequate budget to boost investments and development. And they continue to feed the illusion that it is possible an “economic growth” operating at the national level.

It is a farce. First, the national resources are lost in a thousand streams of expenditures, therefore they are scarce and ineffective. Second, the supply of certain public services at the national level (e.g., defense and energy) represents a huge waste of financial resources.

On the contrary, a unified European defense and a European energy network would guarantee huge savings to be diverted to finance large investments, to reduce the taxation for citizens and businesses and to maintain a high level of welfare state. Two are the consequences of the lack of a European democratic government, the only one able to face successfully the crisis. First, the political hegemony of the stronger countries is assured. Second, these last ones are pushed to impose on the weaker countries neo-liberal
policies, market oriented and therefore able to guarantee a hegemonic order inside the European Union.

We need to change deeply these policies. By starting from a strong demand to place the rationale of the European public interest into
the economic policies and consequently by requesting the creation of European public goods. For this purpose a European democratic
government is necessary, to bring out this “interest”, to perform the relevant actions and provide such goods. And by starting also from a mobilization of the European citizens for claiming such different economic policies by the European Institutions.

The “European Citizens’ Initiative” for a “European special Plan for sustainable development and employment” which we are going to send as soon as possible to the European Commission, according to Art. 11 of the Lisbon Treaty, represents the first actual request, based on participatory democracy, to change the austerity policy in Europe.

The special Plan that we are claiming highlights four key-concepts. First, It has to be European, that is it has to be managed by the European Commission directly. Second, it has to be extraordinary, that is managed outside the current EU budget which can no more be increased. Third, it has to be oriented to large investments in the areas of Research & Development, technological innovation, European infrastructures, environment and alternatives energy’s sources, social cohesion and youth employment. And last but not least,
it has to be financed by own resources, such as the financial transactions tax (FTT) and the carbon tax. These taxes can be utilized directly to finance the investments and/or as a guarantee to back the issuing of project bonds finalised to specific investments and financed by collecting capital on the international market.

If one million European Citizens will go to sign the request for such a Plan, a new political scenario will arise in Europe, by the
intervention of a new actor into the political game: the European People. And nothing will remain as before. Such a change depends by each one of us. First of all by the willingness, coming from the more advanced social layers in Europe, to assert the right to have its own European government, able to face the economic and social crisis, and to act from the perspective of the European public interest and no more from a market-driven intergovernmental policy of the European Council.

We are inviting you to join the Campaign of European Citizens’ Initiative "New Deal 4 Europe", for having a Europe able to give a concrete perspective to the young generations, thanks to a “European Special Plan for Sustainable Development and Employment”.