Meeting of the European promoters in Berlin, 15th Nov. 2013

On Friday, 15th November in Berlin, a meeting of the coordinators of national committees promoting the ECI for “A European Special Plan for Sustainable Development and for Employment” took place. People from Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and Portugal attended the meeting. The Spanish group was briefed the following day. The aim of the meeting was to present the latest developments of the campaign, to decide the names of the people that will be designated for the European Committee, and to decide when to submit the ECI to the European Commission. First of all, a problem was raised: the Bulgarian committee is not active anymore. However, there are good expectations, because activists from Luxembourg and Portugal stated their intention to create a committee in their countries. Moreover, other promoting groups may be created in other countries, on the initiative of some of the participants. We can therefore foresee to have more than 7 committees to submit our ECI. Then a proposal was made by the president of MFE (UEF Italy) Lucio Levi to submit the ECI by the end of this year. This way, the collection of signatures should take place starting from February 2014, and the contents of our ECI will enter the European debate during the elections for the European Parliament. This is one of the main aims of this ECI: if political parties will endorse our objectives we will have already succeeded. The proposal was adopted by the participants.