Next steps

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< January 2016 >

Waiting for the response of Petition Committee of the European Parliament about the admissibility of the ND4E Petition. It was presented to the European Parliament on October 12, 2015 and it was registered at the petition office with the number 1049/2015 (October 21, 2015).  

< February 2016 >

Promotion of the ND4E Petition.  

< March 2016 >
Presentation of the ND4E Petition at the European Parliament on March 15, 2016.
Launch of the ND4E campaign.
< April 2016 >
On April 20 the Petition New Deal 4 Europe (ND4E) has been declared admissible by the Commitee on Petitions of the European Parliament (EP) and has been sent to the European Commission.
< June 2016 >
On June 20 at the European Parliament in Bruxelles the Petition will be put on the agenda of the Committee on Petitions, that will open a discussion on it in the presence of MEPs belonging to other Committees, the European Commission and the petition promoters.