New Deal 4 Europe

Manifesto For A European Plan for Sustainable Development and Employment

[Premiers signataires: Michel Aglietta, Michel Albert, Enrique Barón Crespo, Ulrich Beck, Josep Borrell, José Bové, Roger Casale, Jean-Marie Cavada, Mauro Ceruti, Don Luigi Ciotti, Daniel Cohn Bendit, Roberta De Monticelli, Matilde Fernández, Monica Frassoni, Emilio Gabaglio, Sylvie Goulard, Olivier Giscard d'Estaing, Ramón Jáuregui, Ska Keller, Alain Lamassoure, Pascal Lamy, Jo Leinen, Henry Malosse, Norbert Mappes-Niediek, Robert Menasse, Gerhard Mensch, Yves Mény, Claus Offe, Paul Oriol, Moni Ovadia, John Palmer, Romano Prodi, Javier Rojo, Gesine Schwan, Salvatore Settis, Dusan Sidjanski, Barbara Spinelli, Tzvetan Todorov, Alexis Tsipras, Guy Verhofstadt, Carlos Westendorp]



Six years have passed, but the severe crisis that Europe is experiencing is not yet overcome. The euro, a pillar of the single market, is not yet in a safe condition. The risk of economic policies being re-nationalized, a disastrous event for the economy and welfare of every country of the Union, no one excluded, is serious and real.

The emphasis of governments on budgetary rigour, albeit necessary to face the debt crisis, has aggravated the depressive spiral, due also to time compression of the achievement plan, jeopardising the healing of the financial system. It is necessary to think in new ways. In a serious and continuing recession phase, along with the completion of the single market, particularly in the essential field of services, and with the most indebted countries committed to put in place policies aimed to redress their national budgets, we must consider a special plan for relaunching development. A sustainable development, based on the realization of European infrastructures, on new technologies, on new energy sources, on the protection of the environment and cultural heritage, on cutting-edge research, on advanced education and professional training.


Monica Frassoni supports the ECI New Deal 4 Europe

Ascanio Celestini firma l'ICE New Deal 4 Europe

Italian actor, film director, writer and playwright

Ascanio Celestini

Ascanio Celestini during the CGIL national demonstration (Rome, 25 October 204) signed the European Citizens Initiative "New Deal 4 Europe". Talking with young European federalists he said that he will help us to support our campaign. 

Ascanio Celestini durante la manifestazione nazionale della CGIL (Roma 25 ottobre 204) ha firmato l'iniziativa dei cittadini europei "New Deal 4 Europe".  Parlando con i giovani federalisti europei ha detto che ci aiuterà a far conoscere la campagna.

Pedro Sánchez supports New Deal 4 Europe ECI

Pedro Sanchez

Pedro Sánchez, Ph. D. in Economics holder and MP, recently elected as Secretary General of the Spanish Worker´s Socialist Party (PSOE), supports New Deal 4 Europe. Pedro is the first leader ever elected in a primary election among party members in Spain. The top priority of his agenda is employment creation in Spain and Europe, and this is why he joins the European Citizenship Initiative for a European Extraordinary Plan for Sustainable Development and Employment.

Pedro Sánchez, diputado, doctor economista y recientemente elegido secretario general del Partido Socialista Obrero Español apoya el New Deal 4 Europe. Pedro es el primer líder del principal partido de la oposición en haber sido elegido mediante primarias de militantes. La principal prioridad de su agenda es la creación de empleo de calidad en España y en Europa, razón por la que presta su adhesión a la Iniciativa Ciudadana por el Plan Europeo Extraordinario por el Desarrollo Sostenible y el Empleo.


Image source: Wikimedia

Baltazar Garzón joins New Deal 4 Europe ECI

Baltazar Garzon


Former judge Baltasar Garzón, known for his fight in favour of universal jurisdiction over crimes against Humanity and the issuance of an international arrest order on Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, Human Rigths lawyer and president of Fundación Internacional Baltasar Garzón (FIBGAR) joins the New Deal 4 Europe. Mr. Garzón is convinced that the protection of Human Rights is contingent, among other things, on a full realization of the Right to work, which is the final aim of the European Extraordinary Plan for Sustainable Development and Employment.

El antiguo juez Baltasar Garzón, conocido por haber impulsado la jurisdicción universal en materia de crímenes contra la Humanidad, cursando la petición de detener al dictador Augusto Pinochet cuando se encontraba en Londres, y actual abogado especialista en Derechos Humanos además de presidente de la Fundación Internacional Baltasar Garzón (FIBGAR) se adhiere a la Iniciativa Ciudadana Europea del New Deal 4 Europe, con el convencimiento de que la defensa de los derechos fundamentales incluye la realización efectiva del Derecho al Trabajo, que es lo que busca el plan extraordinario por el desarrollo sostenible y el empleo.


 Image source: Wikimedia Commons


Bruno Latour signed the ECI New Deal 4 Europe

Bruno Latour (Sciences Po - Paris), French philosopher, anthropologist and sociologist of science, signed the ECI New Deal 4 Europe.

Bruno Latour


In the last two decades Latour has been experimenting through arts and politics new way of addressing the ecological crisis of our planet or, as he puts it, of "facing Gaia".

He was in New York City on September 21 at the People'S Climate March, where people took to the streets to demand action to end the climate crisis. Latour was really glad to sign for New Deal 4 Europe, the European Citizens' Initiative that asks for a European special plan for sustainable development and employment through a financial transactions tax and a carbon tax. "It is the first time I sign a petition. But a European Citizens' Inititiative is much more than a petition. It is a concrete way to take action for ecological democracy", he said.

[New York. Picture taken by Emanuele Caminada, ECI German committee]

Prodi: l’Europa ha bisogno di risorse proprie

Maria Noichl (MEP) supports the initiative New Deal 4 Europe


Maria Noichl

Maria Noichl supports and signed our citizens' initiative: "As a Member of the European Parliament, social-democrat and European citizen I am supporting the initiative New Deal 4 Europe. We need a clear roadmap in order to overcome the current crisis and to achieve a social, sustainable and democratic Europe. The New Deal 4 Europe is an excellent compass to show us the right direction. Let's give a future to the European people, especially to its youth, and fight with one voice for the creation of decent jobs, social investment and against all persisting inequalities."

Javier Solana supports New Deal 4 Europe initiative

Spanish Socialist politician

Javier Solana

Javier Solana, former European Union's High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, supports and promotes our citizens' initiative "New Deal 4 Europe" through his twitter profile:

Javier Solana

Source picture with Javier Solana:

Elly Schlein interviene a LA7 a sostegno dell'iniziativa New Deal 4 Europe

Parlamentare europea


Elly Schlein è intervenuta a sostegno dell'ICE "New Deal 4 Europe" su LA7 alla trasmissione "La Gabbia" condotta da Gianluigi Paragone.

Il link al video:

Domanda di Paragone: "Perchè dal Manifesto di Ventotene siamo arrivati all'euro e in mezzo nulla ?"

Risposta di Schlein: "Nel momento in cui la crisi politica si è saldata con questa crisi economica gli stati hanno cominciato  a fare il loro sporco interesse egoistico nel Consiglio europeo. La Commissione non si è più vista e del Parlamento non se ne è più parlato. Non è questa non è l'Europa del disegno iniziale che ci era stata promessa;  l'Europa del disegno iniziale è quella che dovrebbe ripartire con investimenti pubblici rigorosi e se non lo vogliono fare gli stati lo fanno i cittadini europei; c'è una iniziativa dei cittadini europei che si chiama "new deal for europe" che chiede esattamente questo: investimenti pubblici corposi nei settori in cui bisogna investire: ricerca, innovazione, cultura, ambiente".

Flavio Zanonato signed New Deal 4 Europe ECI

Italian politician, former Minister of economic development

Flavio Zanonato

Flavio Zanonato, former mayor of Padua and former Minister of economic development in Letta cabinet (April 2013-February 2014) signed our initiative in Chioggia on 15 May 2014. Signature collected by Federico Resler.

Alain Lamassoure signed the Manifesto for Sustainable Development and Employment

French politician and member of the European Parliament

Alain Lamassoure

Alain Lamassoure signed the Manifesto for Sustainable Delelopment and Employment supporting our ECI "New Deal 4 Europe".

He is a member of the Union for a Popular Movement, which is part of the European People's Party, and is the current chairman of the European Parliament's Committee on Budgets. He was in charge of writing parts of the Treaty of Lisbon. Alain Lamassoure is a well-known pro-European. He is member of the European Movement France, which he has been vice-president of, and has a privileged relationship with the diverse European federalist groups.

Dowload manifesto: IT | FR DE SP EN

[Photo source:]

EP2014 candidates supporting 'New Deal for Europe' citizens' initiative


The next European election will be very important for the future of the European citizens.

The austerity policies, necessary for redressing public finances, did not help Europe to get out of the crisis, have taken a heavy toll on the objectives of sustainable development and employment, and have been decided without involving the European Parliament and the citizens in devising them.

The promoters of the European Citizens Initiative “New Deal for Europe” published an open call for European candidates in the European elections of May 25th to commit themselves to support the ECI, and in particular to pursue the following objectives:

• a EU special program of public investments for the production and financing of European public goods (renewable energy, research and innovation, infrastructural networks, ecological agriculture, protection of the environment and cultural heritage);                               

• a special European Solidarity Fund to create new jobs, especially for young people;               

• increasing the own resources of the European budget through a financial transactions tax and a carbon tax.

In a week time since the promotion of the appeal more than one hundred statements of support have been sent to the ECI's promoters.

In the same time the promoters sent the "Manifesto for sustainable development and employment" supporting the ECI New Deal 4 Europe to all the candidates to the Presidency of the European Commission. José Bové, Ska Keller, Alexis Tsipras, Guy Verhofstadt have subscribed the manifesto and signed the ECI. Martin Schulz didn't sign it but he strongly supports the proposals of the initiative. Claude Juncker didn't reply.

The campaign for the ECI "New deal 4 Europe" will continue after the European elections: one million of signatures has to be collected  in at least seven countries in order to receive the attention of the European Commission.

The European citizens can subscribe the initiative online through the campaign's website at

-- end of release --

List of candidates supporting the ECI New Deal 4 Europe (udpates 22/05/2014)


    Pietro DE MATTEIS (European Federalist Party/Stand up for Europe)
    Philippe LAMBERTS (Ecolo/European Greens)
    Bricmont SASKIA (Ecolo/European Greens)
    Bart STAES (Groen Party/European Greens)
    Mark TARABELLA (PS/PES) - video


    Sandrine BELIER (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Pervenche BERES (PS/PES)
    José BOVE (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Maurice BRAUD (PS/PES)
    Jean-Marie CAVADA (ALDE)
    Damien COURCOUX (Radicalement Citoyen)
    Karima DELLI (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Jean-Paul DENANOT (PS/PES)
    Marielle DE SARNEZ (MoDem/ALDE)
    Yvette DUCHEMANN (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Pascal DURAND (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Benoît FAUCHEUX (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Sylvie GOULARD (UDI-MoDem/ALDE)
    Catherine GREZE (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Clarisse HEUSQUIN (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Yannick JADOT (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Eva JOLY (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Nicole KIIL-NILSEN (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Alain MALEGARIE (Parti Fédéraliste Européen)
    Mohamed MECHMACHE (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Francoise PASQUIS-DUMONT (Parti Fédéraliste Européen)
    Vincent PEILLON (PS/PES)
    Michèle RIVASI (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Emmanuel RODARY (Parti Fédéraliste Européen)
    Catherine TRAUTMANN (PS/PES)
    François VEILLERETTE (Europe ecologie/European Greens)
    Karim ZERIBI (Europe ecologie/European Greens)


    Michael CRAMER (Die Grünen/European Greens)
    Michael ERHARDT (Die Linke/GUE)
    Evelyne GEBHARDT (SPD/PES)
    Ska KELLER (Die Grünen/European Greens)
    Martina MICHELS (Die Linke(GUE)
    Terry REINTKE (Die Grünen/European Greens)
    Birgit SIPPEL (SPD/PES)
    Nick Woischneck (Die Linke/GUE)
    Gabi ZIMMER (Die Linke/GUE)


    Nessa CHILDERS (Indipendent)


    Roberto ALBANESE (Green Italia, European Greens)
    Olivero ALOTTO (Green Italia/European Greens)
    Tiziana ARENA (PD/PES)
    Francesco ATTADEMO (M5S)
    Brando BENIFEI (PD/PES)
    Raffaella BOLINI (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Manuela BORA (PD/PES)
    Renata BRIANO (PD/PES)
    Maria Chiara CALANCA (Green Italia/European Greens)
    Oreste CALLIANO (Scelta Europea/ALDE)
    Ines CALOISI (Scelta Europea/ALDE)
    Marika CASSIMATIS (M5S)
    Alessandro CECCHI PAONE (Forza Italia/EPP)
    Isabella CIRELLI (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Annalisa COMUZZI (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Silvia COSTA (PD/PES)
    Roberto DELLA SETA (Green Italia/European Greens)
    Tommaso FATTORI (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Francesco FERRANTE (Green Italia/European Greens)
    Giovanni FIANDACA (PD/PES)
    Domenico FINIGUERRA (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Monica FRASSONI (Green Italia/European Greens)
    Marco FURFARO (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Giuseppe GAMBA (Green Italia/European Greens)
    Elena GENTILE (PD/PES)
    Frederic GEBHARD (Scelta Europea/ALDE)
    Francesco GESUALDI (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Elena GRANDI (Green Italia/European Greens)
    Carlotta GUALCO (PD/PES)
    Roberto GUALTIERI (PD/PES)
    Cécile KYENGE (PD/PES)
    Marina LOMBARDI (PD/PES)
    Stefano LUGLI (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Lorena LUCATTINI (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Curzio MALTESE (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Alessia MOSCA (PD/PES)
    Niccolò OLLINO (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Daniela PADOAN (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Argiris PANAGOPOULOS (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Ilaria PAPARELLA (Forza Italia/EPP)
    Gianni PITTELLA (PD/PES)
    Andrea PRADI (PD/PES)
    Niccolò RINALDI (Scelta Europea/ALDE)
    Alessandro ROSASCO (Green Italia/European Greens)
    Oreste ROSSI (Forza Italia/EPP)
    Rudi RUSSO (Scelta Europea/ALDE)
    Davide SABBADIN (Green Italia/European Greens)
    Stefano SARTI (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Giuliana SGRENA (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Renato SORU (PD/PES)
    Barbara SPINELLI (L'altra Europa con Tsipras/GUE)
    Patrizia TOIA (PD/PES)
    Paolo VALENTINI PICCITELLI (Nuovo Centro Destra/EPP)
    Daniele VIOTTI (PD/PES)
    Luana ZANELLA (Green Italia/European Greens)


    Ramon Jauregui (PSOE/PES)


    Sir Graham WATSON (LibDem/ALDE)


Martin Schulz supports the contents of ECI New Deal 4 Europe

President of the European Parliament

 chiedilo a Schulz

Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament and PES candidate to the Presidency of the European Commission, answered to our letter sent to all candidates underlining he supports the content of our initiative, but he think it would not be appropriate to explicitly support it at this point in the political campaign.

Here the full text sent us by his bureau.


As you are certainly aware, our PES family believes in the strength of the European Citizens’ Initiative, which represents a powerful instrument, complementing and reinforcing European democracy. It is an instrument that was promoted by our party, notably through the work of our PES Women President and MEP, Mrs Gurmai, who as co-rapporteur for the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) worked hard to make this a reality.

To enhance the European Union’s credibility, we need to strengthen the democratic rights of European citizens and the ECI is a way to renew and reinforce citizens’ involvement. Thanks to this new instrument, citizens now can directly call on the Commission to make a legislative proposal. In addition, the ECI could encourage public debate by developing citizens’ interests in and knowledge of European policies and politics.

We certainly appreciate very much your initiative, which falls very largely in line with our main commitments as reflected in the PES manifesto for the 2014 European Elections, and indeed with the political priorities that we have been promoting in the last five years. As you know, the PES and Mr Schulz have been fighting since the beginning of the crisis for a return to growth, for investment, for an end to the austerity-only policies that have led millions of Europeans to unemployment.

At the same time however, we are wary that the ECI should remain a tool in the hand of citizens. We are concerned that in this electoral period, the explicit endorsement by Mr Schulz as Common Candidate to the post of European Commission of an ECI would risk being instrumentalised by some. Therefore, while we very much support the content of your initiative, we feel that it would not be appropriate for Mr Schulz to explicitly support it at this point in the political campaign.

Needless to say that, as European Commission President, one of Mr Schulz’s main priorities would be to relaunch growth, to create jobs, and to promote growth-inducing investments to put an end to austerity-only policies. As it is needless to say that he would remain a firm supporter of the European Citizens Initiative as a tool to bring citizens closer to European decision-making.




Simone Peter supports the ECI New Deal 4 Europe

German Green Party politician



Simone Peter

Simon Peter, co-chairman of the German political party Alliance '90/The Greens, together with Cem Özdemir, supports our ECI New Deal 4 Europe. 

She is actually also member of Saarland's federal state parliament and former Saarland's State Minister for the Environment, Energy and Transport (2009-2012).

Support taken by Peter Osten (on the right) one of the promoters of our German committee.

[Source: Wikipedia]


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