ND4E Italian Committee meeting 11 October 2016


Promoter of the ND4E Petition to the European Parliament:

A European Special Plan for Sustainable Development and Employment


On Tuesday October 11, 2016, the ND4E Italian Committee met in Rome, at the CGIL premises. Representatives of CGIL, UIL, CIME, ANCI, CESI, GFE, MFE-Rome were present, while ARCI, ACLI, AICCRE, Legambiente justified their absence.


The agenda proposed by the ND4E coordinator Grazia Borgna was approved:

1. ND4E initiatives to be taken in view of the 2nd hearing at the European Parliament, and of the discussion at the EP on the Monti report on the own resources of the EU budget

2. ND4E adhesion to the march for the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties

3. Presentation of the new edition of the Ventotene Manifesto, published by UltimaSpiaggia, to which was added, at the suggestion of Carlo Parietti, who chaired the meeting, a 4th point concerning the need for a relaunch of ND4E on social media.

This was followed by speeches by the President of the ND4E Italian Committee, Paolo Ponzano, and the Chairman of CIME, Virgilio Dastoli.
Ponzano illustrated the status of the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020: the European Commission presented a minimalist proposal for a revision of the multi-year budget, containing an increase in expenditure of about 13 billion euros to be recovered from costs savings and the unused credits of the Structural Funds, but did not raise the ceiling of expenditure already decided by the European Council. Therefore, the issue of new own resources for the EU budget will be postponed once again to the next Financial Framework starting in 2021.

Dastoli explained the program and the adhesion to the march to be held in Rome on March 25, 2017, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome.

Speakers included: Simonetta Paganini (ANCI), Giulio Saputo (GFE), Andrea Costi (UIL), Virgilio Dastoli (CIME), Carlo Parietti (CGIL), Paolo Ponzano (MFE-Rome), Grazia Borgna (CESI), Silvana Paruolo ( CGIL).

After extensive discussion, the ND4E Italian Committee decided unanimously to take action on the following initiatives:

Having noted that until now the proceeding of the ND4E petition (see Attachment) has been a success, and that in the 1st hearing the Petition Commission of the European Parliament has not confined itself to receiving the petition, but decided to follow it through, sending it to the labor, economic and monetary, and budget committees for a ruling on its content, and to the European Commission, and then to proceed with it; having noted also that before the end of the year the Monti group will discuss the report on increasing the own resources of the EU budget, a distinctive point of the ND4E petition, the ND4E Italian Committee has decided to:

A) ask the European Committee to invite other national committees (Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Czech Rep.) to inform the petition's sponsoring organizations and our supporting Parliamentarians that a 2nd hearing has been scheduled on Wednesday, November 9, at 17:00 hours at the European Parliament. They should be invited to attend the hearing or to watch the online streaming. (Borgna)

B) give life to a series of initiatives to bring the attention of European citizens and the organizations that represent them upon the discussion at the EP on the Monti Report. To send a letter to the President of the EP Constitutional Affairs Commission, Danuta Hubner, and to the rapporteurs of the Report on the potential of the Treaty and on the future of the European Union Mercedes Bresso / Elmar Brok and Guy Verhofstadt, in order to reiterate the ND4E petition's proposals on the increase of the EU own resources. (Ponzano-Borgna). To ask the President of the European Movement International (EMI) Jo Leinen to organize, in conjunction with the discussion of the Monti Report at the EP, an international conference on the content of and the proposals in the report. (Levi-Ponzano)


The ND4E Italian Committee supports the proposal by CIME, GFE, MFE to promote a march on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, and to reaffirm the need to proceed towards a European federation, and decides to send its own participation's confirmation. The ND4E European Committee is invited to do the same. The Committee undertakes to solicit the participation of the ND4E promoting organizations. (Ponzano-Borgna)
PRESENTATION of the new edition of the Ventotene Manifesto

The ND4E Italian Committee believes that, in order to keep alive the attention on Spinelli's project For a Free and United Europe, it is appropriate to present the new edition of the Manifesto (recently reprinted by the publisher Ultima Spiaggia, with a presentation by the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, and two introductions by Virgilio Dastoli and Lucio Levi) with a conference on the topic. It was decided to ask President Boldrini to present the book to the Italian Chamber of Deputies in the coming months. (Saputo, Dastoli)

The request to relaunch the ND4E goals and promote an ad hoc campaign on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Change.org) in parallel with the initiatives already in place (site and newsletter) was welcomed. (Parietti-Vallinoto)

For the ND4E Italian Committee
Grazia Borgna







March 15, 2016 - Presentation of the ND4E petition to the European Parliament: Presidents Gianni Pittella (PSE) and Jo Leinen (Chairman EMI). Speakers: Lucio Levi (The Federalist Debate magazine editor and former chairman MFE, first signatory of the ND4E petition); ND4E European Committee members (P.Ponzano-Italy, J.F.Billion-France, D.Devesa-Spain, F.Franco-Belgium, E.Caminada-Germany, Catherine Vieilledent-Groupe-Europe). The sponsoring organizations were present (MEP, CESI, CFDT, UEF-Germany-France-Spain, CGIL, CISL and UIL, CES-ETUC,, UGT, U4U, Pacte Civique, Legambiente, Sauvons l'Europe, La Rosa Bianca, and ACLI Federation International-FAI, CIME, UIL International, CIFE, ELEC, Maison du Peuple d'Europe, CSF) and the European Parliamentarians supporting the ND4E (Gianni Pittella-President of the Socialists & Democrats Group, Jo Leinen-MEP S&D-Germany, Mercedes Bresso-MEP S&D-Italy, Elly Schlein-MEP S&D-Italy, Renata Briano-MEP S&D-Italy, Barbara Spinelli-MEP-GUE-Italy, Brando Benifei-MEP S&D-Italy, Juan Fernando López Aguilar-MEP S&D-Spain, Georgi Pirinski-MEP S&D-Bulgaria, Margrete Auken MEP Green Party-Denmark, Alessia Mosca-MEP S&D-Italy).

June 20, 2016 -Hearing before the EP: The Petitions Committee of the EP, in the presence of representatives of the European Commission, decided. following a proposal by the sponsoring organizations and MEPs Jo Leinen (PSE), Enrique Calvet Chambon (ALDE), Brando Benifei (PSE), to acknowledge the petition and keep it open, sending it to the labor, economic and monetary, and budget EP Commissions for a pronouncement on its content, and to the European Commission. 

Wednesday November 9, 2016, at 17:00 hours - Second Hearing at the EP. The Petition Committee of the EP will report on the opinions of its labor, economic and monetary, and budget Committees, and on those of the European Commission about the contents of the ND4E petition. The promoting organizations and the MEPs present will ask to hold it further open up to the achievement of the proposed objectives (a European investment plan for employment, the environment and security, financed by a European tax on financial transactions and on CO2 emissions, and by a European loan in euro project bonds).


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